1. So this past weekend I went to an environmental activist conference and it was an amazing experience. It was so inspiring and empowering coming together with people who care and want to make a difference. We heard from so many success stories and we were taught the skills necessary to make our own success stories. I attend seminars all day on saturday all had different topics. The first was on fracking which is a really dangerous problem. Fracking is a type of gas drilling that injects water, chemicals, and sand into wells. This hydraulic combination is toxic it can lead to many health and pollution problems as well as the process of drilling vertical can lead to environmental degradation. The next seminar I went to was with an organization called move to amend. And this organizations main goal is to stop corporations from getting constitutional rights because corporations are people and they shouldn’t get rights as if they were. After that seminar I went to a Socialism and the Environment seminar that addressed the idea that we need to move away from a capitalist mindset. Then after that one I attended a seminar called the Clean Air Promise which taught me the tools to build my own coalition and fight for what I think needs to be done to help our environment. The last seminar was called Transportation America which informed us on how much High Speed rail could help reduce emissions and make for more efficient travel. Over all this experience was incredible I learned so much during the seminars and got to attend a protest and most importantly I gained the confidence and skills necessary to make a difference.